Message from Gozo to the Bishop

By 24th July 2020Bishop Carmel, News

Bishop Zammit has received the following reply of gratitude
for his condolences on behalf of the Diocese
from the family of Monsignor Canon Coronato Grima (R.I.P.)


Mgr Carmel Zammit
Bishop of Gibraltar
Community of Gibraltar

22 July 2020


On behalf of the Grima family kindly allow me to convey our heartfelt thanks and enormous appreciation for all the love, kindness and unmatched support, you, the Community of Gibraltar showered upon our dear brother Mgr Coronato.

I can assure you all that though in forced retirement he heart, his thoughts, remained with you all.

Never failing to greet his parishioners at St Joseph’s through his annual ritual of sending Easter and Christmas cards, a ritual that was almost sacred to him, probably a priority in his life in Gozo. Lately, because of his limitations, it was getting complicated but Coro always found a solution to reach you. He was, until the end, part of the Rock, the humble priest of Gibraltar. As Mgr Zammit ably stated ‘the household name in Gibraltar’.

We feel thankful to the Lord Jesus for giving us Don Coro as a most loving brother, our silent mentor, our second father.

Whilst we thank you all we ask you to remember him in your prayers.

Gibraltar will definitely remain a part of our lives, our history.

Don Coro dedicated his priesthood to your community for over 34 years, a lifetime of love and passion

May the Lord be thanked truly,