Revised Covid Restrictions in Catholic churches

By 10th April 2021Bishop Carmel, News

Following the revised Covid-19 restrictions affecting places of worship, please note these changes, which have been approved by his Lordship the Bishop:

With immediate effect:

  • Masks: these will no longer be required, effective as from today. However, they are still mandatory for funerals.
  • Sanitization remains available for those entering church.
  • Holy Water fonts: for the moment, these are not allowed.
  • Sign of Peace: this continues to be suspended.
  • Collective response to “the Body of Christ” is no longer required and is to be done individually, in the customary manner.
  • Distribution of Holy Communion by Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy communion: they will be required to sanitize prior to distribution and to wear masks throughout.
  • Receiving Holy Communion: this remains unchanged. All those who wish to receive on the tongue, should do so at the end of the queue for those receiving on the hand.
  • Choirs and congregational singing may now resume.


From Friday 16th April:

  • Social distancing: will no longer be required as from then.
  • Newsletters and other printed material will be permitted.


The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation remains for the moment in force until there is confidence that it is safe enough to lift it. However, every effort to honour our sacred obligation, when possible, should still be adhered to.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please remain safe.