Who are we?

Emmaus prayer group remains faithful to the unchanging message of the Gospel with a clear goal to present it clearly and dynamically in a friendly environment where all feel welcome.

We are committed to using new methods for sharing the Good News and the Catholic faith which reflect the times we live in and the society we form part of.

Through various events and in a variety of ways, we are engaged in sharing the basic gospel message, helping people grow in the Spirit, to teaching the Catholic faith to providing a welcoming place to grow by equipping youths and adults alike to serve Jesus in the Church.

 Join Us

Place: Catholic Community Centre

Time: 8pm
When: Every Monday
Facebook: @EmmausGibraltar

Not your average meetings

Following the steps of Christ

With a strong sense of responsibility, we aim to provide young adults with a platform for growth that will have a positive impact on all those around them.

If you have ever had an inclination to make the world around you a better place this it. Emmaus Prayer group is proactively committed in tackling issues such as malnutrition and clean water with the various charities our members support.

By revising the teachings of Christ, we follow guidelines on how to be the best versions of ourselves, with the help of our local parishes and friends we offer studies on scripture and offer the opportunity to discuss and tackle questions you might have never been able to ask.

Our meetings are every Monday and offer the perfect way to disconnect and start the week on a fresh note by finding the peace and environment that only Christ can provide.


Mary’s Meals

As a prayer group we are working closely with Mary’s meals and support the whole heartedly and ask you to join us in our efforts to support this project and these children and communities.