By 8th October 2019News


to all who attended the ROSARY ROUND THE ROCK

or joined us in spirit!

Our Lady of Europe has been on the side of Gibraltar, throughout all our history. Especially, through the closing and opening of the frontier and all during our difficult times. Yesterday we gathered to ask her again to intercede for us:

  • For our children and the trials, they are or will face in their life’s.
  • For our Christian identity and way of life.
  • For protection of the weakest and sick members of our Community.
  • For current state of living, that it may be preserved.
  • For the upcoming Election and all the politicians.
  • For Brexit, may it have a good and blessed solution to all sides.

The Diocesan Youth Ministry organised a “Rosary Round the Rock” yesterday, Monday the 7th October, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. at 5.00pm along 35 posts encircling the entire Gibraltar.

Quite a number assembled at each post from the various parishes and Diocesan movements. Many more who could not be with us, because they are housebound, in hospital or for other reasons not able to make it to one of the posts, prayed the Rosary at 5 pm too.

THANK YOU to all who attended, or were not able to be with us, but joined us in spirit at that time.

Thank you also to all who organised the event and made our time of prayer possible.

Our Lady of Europe, pray for us!